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The New-Age Career For Women: Beauticians

The article gives a breakdown of what it takes to be a professional beautician.

  • Who Is A Beautician?
    A beautician is a professional who works to improve and enhance the look of a client. He or she has a keen interest in making people look the best possible. The improvement in appearance can be brought through:

    • Skincare
    • Haircare
    • Nails
    • Make-up
      The role of a beautician is not limited to recommending beauty therapies to patrons. It also includes providing treatments for beauty like facials, hair removal, styling, manicure, and pedicure.
  • Who is eligible to be a beautician?
    Any person who has passed class 12th exams can train to become a beautician. After graduating from school, you can join a Beauty parlour course or training academy to become a beautician. There are several courses to choose from. Each class has a different duration though most of them fall between 9 months to 2 years. A few courses focus on teaching the basics, while others focus on in-depth knowledge of one area. Another path to becoming a beautician is to join a spa or a salon who train their employees on the job.

Image Showing Shampoo Hair Wash In Hair Salon

What Do Beauticians Do?

Beauticians offer non-medical advice, care, and recommendation to their clients using their grasp on human anatomy and skin biology. They also tender relaxation treatments and beauty therapies based on the needs of a client. Some responsibilities that a beautician performs are:

    • Body massages like aromatherapy or spa
    • Facial massage and treatments
    • Removal of hair from the body via waxing and other techniques
    • Skincare treatments for better and healthier skin
    • Doling out advice on the care of the body, skin, and hair
  • What qualities should a beautician have?
    • Confident enough to talk to many, many new people every day.
    • A passion for beauty and an excellent aesthetic sense to guide patrons correctly.
    • A zeal to learn new trends and techniques because the world of beauty is not only vast but also continuously evolving.
    • Good communication skills to make a client feel comfortable
    • An aptitude for art because the profession is less science and more artistry.
  • Where do beauticians work?
    Here – you check out about the beautician and their job description details. After completing a beauty parlour course and gaining considerable experience, a beautician can open her or his own parlour. If business or self-employment is not an option, then a beautician can look for jobs in:
  • Fitness clinics or gyms
  • hotels
  • Salons and spas
  • Parlours
  • TV sets
  • film industry
  • Modelling agencies
  • health resorts
  • Departmental stores

What Are The Different Types Of Beauticians?

Image Showing A Professional Makeup Artist Doing Makeup For A Customer In Her Beauty Salon
The world of beauty is broad and deep, which makes it possible for a beautician to put on many hats throughout their career. The many different types of beauticians are:

  • A hairstylist is a beautician who solely focuses on hair. It includes styling hair of clients for special occasions like curling, straightening, and blow-drying. A hairstylist also cuts, trims and colours hair while advising the patron on how to better care for it.
  • A nail care artist specialises in nail art, services, and treatments. Besides manicures and pedicures, they also can apply artificial nails and decorate them.
  • A make-up artist is the most popular type of beautician. They are responsible for beautifying the appearance of a patron by applying flawless make-up. An MUA specialises in various make-up techniques like airbrushing, contouring, high definition, blending, prosthetics, etc.
  • A sales consultant or a sales representative is a beautician whose job is to sell products to the consumer. The products can be of a salon or a brand. Such beauticians have complete knowledge of all beauty products and well-honed selling skills.

A cosmetologist is a beautician whose expertise likes in skincare. They solve skin problems like acne and offer advice on facial treatments. Trained cosmetologists are aware of the latest techniques in the field.

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