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Every year union civil service examination is organized by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). The majority of the IAS candidates attend the exam however, only a few candidates get appointed for the post. One of the time challenging and popular examinations in the country is the UPSC. Thousands of students attend UPSC civil service exam after a lot of hard work and dedication. It is recommended to get IAS coaching at the best IAS academy in Chennai

 If they fail in the exam, it completely affects the aspirant’s life. Well, there is no need to get disappointed. There are several opportunities available for IAS aspirants. Apart from focusing on the examination, you can also utilize the prevailing opportunities and start your career. 

Know about the job profile for IAS aspirants

  • All India Civil Services play an important part in the overall growth of the country. State and central civil servants are responsible for the authority of several departments that is non-military to make sure that the directorial infrastructure functions as per to the constitutional provision.
  • Remember, civil servants have authority and power. They are accountable for water resources, wasteland development, energy conservation, city administration, etc. 
  • They are closely connected with policy formulations, decision making and execution of decisions.
  • The services require persons with a serious wish for groundwork and disposition for contact with the common women and men.

What are the skills needed to get placed in a job?

  • It is necessary for civil servants to showcase an understanding of international and national trends and affairs.
  • They should have a clear and thorough understanding of new discoveries, currents of thought, etc.
  • They should have good people skills
  • They should make excellent sound decisions
  • They should have the capability to evaluate the people’s mood
  • They should have the ability to accept orders and preserve the line of demand
  • They should be committed to the supremacy of the person

What are the employment opportunities for IAS aspirants?

Check Here – About Life after IAS preparation. Employment opportunities for candidates who have cleared civil service examination are as follows:

  • Indian administrative service
  • Indian forest service
  • Indian police service
  • Indian accounts and audit service
  • Indian telegraphs and posts finance and accounts service
  • Indian foreign service
  • Indian central excise and customs service
  • Indian railway traffic service
  • Indian railway accounts service
  • Indian railway personnel service
  • Assistant security officer post in railway protection service
  • Indian information service
  • Indian defense estates service
  • Central trade service
  • Post of the assistant directive in central industrial security force

There are also state administrative and group B services too.

Recruiting company

The government of Indi will recruit candidates by conducting UPSC (Union Public Service Examinations).


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How to reach there?

The civil services exam will be conducted in two phases- the preliminary exam is the first phase. It is also referred to as Prelims. In Prelims, it is mandatory to attend two papers. They are the general aptitude paper and general studies. Candidates between the age group of 21 and 31 are eligible to attend the exam.

The exam will be organized in May. After successfully clearing the Prelims, the candidates have to attend the Main exam. It will be held between October and November. Following that, the candidate will be invited for the Personality test for the final selection process.

If you want to know the accurate exam dates and details, you need to check with the best IAS academy in Chennai.

Preliminary examination

The prelims exam consists of 2 mandatory papers. The maximum score of each paper is 200 marks. The candidates will be given 2 hours time to complete the exam. It will have objective type questions. The exam will be conducted in English and Hindi. English Language Comprehension should be attended only in English.

Main examination

In the main exam, there will be total of 9 papers. Paper 1 is conducted for 300 marks. It will be in the language of your choice. Paper 2 is for 300 marks. It should be attended in the English language. Paper 3 is essay type and it is conducted for 200 marks. Paper 4 and 5 consists of general studies questions. Each paper carries 300 marks. Paper 6, 7, 9 and 8 consists of any two optional subjects. 300 marks will be allotted for each paper.

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