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This blog is a platform for people to express their ideas and opinions on various issues such as career options, business ventures, and personal development. People are welcome to exchange ideas and opinions. Every time a person logs into the blogging site, their IP address can be tracked with the help of cookies. These cookies are meant only for improving and bettering the quality of the services offered through the blog. The blog takes its privacy policy very seriously. Data obtained from visitors are not shared with anyone, including third parties. All info collected from visitors are protected and cannot be accessed by anyone. This blog ensures that all details that are obtained from visitors to the blog are not misused in any way. This site also requests people to be courteous and respected while expressing their point of view. While all people may not have the same viewpoints on issues, it is necessary to show respect for others viewpoints. Any racial slurs or comments that are offensive will be noted, and the person will be blocked from using the site. This site is also a place which does not permit stalking in any way, and people who harass others by asking for details like phone number or address will be banned from the site. Making hate speeches, expressing contempt about a particular issue or making coarse statements about another person’s view will be noted. Such behaviour will not be tolerated on the site. Therefore, people are expected to be civil and courteous when they make statements.