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A Scope On Photography In A Photographer’s Point Of View

As a successful and known Candid wedding photographer, the years of work have taught me two things. To rise in the field of photography, you not only need skill to click stunning images but a passion for editing too. It has become more crucial in the past decade. Thanks to smartphones fitted with high-quality cameras, every second person is playing at being a photographer.

It implies that while photography is becoming more popular, the professionals have to up the game. As the scope for photography increases with the rise of technology, the demand for professional and quality photos will also enhance. To be at the forefront of this demand, a photographer, be it a wedding, candid or journalism, has to augment their skills.

So, how does a new-born or a wedding photographer increase his or her skill set? How do they breathe life into reel images?
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Skillsets Needed By The Professional Photographer

The latest technology is a must for a photographer of the present time. By technology, I mean both hardware and software. The lack of even one can significantly hinder the images you take. Check Out – the important skills needed by professional photographers.

  • Hardware in photography includes every physical equipment possible:
    • Cameras
    • Lenses
    • Tripods
    • Lights
    • Drones

Think of hardware like the ingredients of a meal. If you know which spice will bring out which flavour, whatever you cook will be delicious. Similarly, when you know the in and out of your photography equipment, you become a master of the art. Each camera, lens, light has its own pros and cons. Learn them. Be fluent in every tool so that you know which one is to be applied in which location.

There is no doubt that technology has made it easy to point a camera and hit the shutter to create good images. But if you wish to produce stunning pictures, being in control of the manual settings of a camera or lens is imperative.

  •   Software in photography includes all these applications:
    • Printing
    • Resizing
    • Digital Imaging
    • Editing Software
    • Electronic Image Handling
    • Film Development
    • High-resolution imaging
    • Image manipulation

The reason software skill is essential for a professional photographer because not every image is clicked digitally. What used to be done in darkrooms is not created on laptops and computers. If you want the photographs to be flawless and above standard being a dab hand software listed above is necessary. If not all, then at least pick two software applications and master their features.

Image Showing Beautiul Candid Moments of Bride and Groom

  • Composition is the third critical skill in photography:

The art in the craft of photography comes from the composition. It is about being aware of how the image should look after it is done. Taste, preference, and creativity of the photographer control composition. But a few tricks that can improve it are:

    • Thinking deliberately on how the image looks
    • Ponder on what will look good in the frame

While practice, trials, and many errors are the best way to mastering compositions, a few rules of thumb to follow are:

    • Colour
    • Design
    • Balance
    • Formatting
    • Lighting 
    • Creativity
    • Shape
    • Artistry
    • Patterns
    • Form

Keep an eye for these elements in a photo and composition will come out to be gorgeous and striking.

The Passion For Photography: The Foundation Of Any Photographer

Skill in hardware, software, and composition is needed to be a thriving wedding photographer or for that matter any other. But a passion for it is equally vital. It is not about clicking pictures. It is about photos that speak. They are a visual language. Through photos, you can share, move, and educate a person in any part of the world because the barrier of the spoken word is removed. It doesn’t matter if the audience speaks your language or not; if the pictures are well taken, they will understand. It is why a passion for photography is a critical element of succeeding in the field.

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