I have a large area to cover for my job and it includes many retail stores. Every day I hear of people claiming “false advertising!” A product isn’t the same price as a different sized one that is advertised. False advertising! A name brand doesn’t have the same brand as a generic. False advertising! Stores add in sales tax, false advertising! To the people who cry this when there really isn’t any false advertising, get your f-ing head out of your ass. There is false advertising all around us and it seems that no one is complaining about that but are quick to cry foul with they are wrong. What do I mean? Let’s see here. Look at a fast food commercial. You see that burger, all juicy, with tons of lettuce and tomato on it. It’s smothered in ketchup and lots of cheese is on it. Yum! You go out to get one of those burgers and you’re lucky if any condiments are on it, let along the lettuce and tomatoes. False advertising? Could be, but we all chalk it down as “advertising”. You see a commercial for a flashy new cell phone and they’re browsing the web at speeds that would make any T1 user jealous. You go out and but the phone but the web surfing is very slow. False advertising but we chalk it down as advertising.

Car ads claim “up to 50 miles per gallon” but you’re lucky if you ever get that. So, why is it when people think something isn’t right, don’t understand a promotion, or when they want to abuse the system that it is false advertising but when it is blatant and in our faces, it is advertising? One of the most obvious advertising campaigns that show phones have five bars everywhere or the person asking someone on the phone if they can hear them. They make it believe that you’ll never have no service and never drop a call. If someone, on any wireless network in the word, has never had no service and has never dropped a call then they are either damn lucky or a liar. Advertising loves to show us the extreme good in something knowing damn well that the vast majority of us will never experience this exaggerated best. Why is that? Do we just live with it knowing this or don’t care. I don’t know either but unfortunately it has become an accepted part of our society to see what the products we buy will never do in the ads that are supposed to show us what they do. So people, before you go to a store and claim false advertising when they’re trying to add sales tax or won’t give you the sales price on an item that isn’t on sale, think about what’s really going on in our lives with false advertising.

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