Business is all about increasing sales and irrespective of whether you sell products or services, a systematic approach is fundamental for converting sales into customers. Research has proved that Salesforce is the ideal CRM software for businesses that are looking for faster and easier growth. The importance of salesforce training online is recognized by the fact that Salesforce is the best CRM today. Self-employed and startup can look for innovative marketing ideas on and complement it with the Salesforce CRM application.

Onsite and Cloud CRM
The onsite CRM model is in existence for over 15 years and companies worked on the software from the servers that are maintained in-house. The technicalities of infrastructure, system design and server management are taken care by the IT companies. This has given rise to cloud-based CRM. The applications are vendor hosted and the organizations are given access to the data without having to invest in the hardware and maintenance of technical aspects. Over the years it Cloud CRM has gained popularity because it is cost effective with zero licensing fees. The burden of appointed IT staff can also be done away with Cloud CRM.

Salesforce CRM and its functions
For a wide range of business activities including, marketing, sales, customer relations, etc. cloud CRM could be put to use. It helps to streamline the business activities by saving time and resources. A cloud CRM, Salesforce is designed to deliver efficiency and a good return on investing. The IT infrastructure can be management at a reduced cost with a wide range of features available in the Cloud CRM.

Salesforce and marketing team
The marketing executives can generate and track the marketing campaigns. The efforts can be quantified and the leads are automatically generated for the marketing team.

Salesforce and customer support team
Keep track of customer issues and resolve the issues based on the client profitability and time elapsed. The customer relationship is increased as the issues are solved moving them to a higher level.

Salesforce and Management
The management of the organization are given access to the visual dashboard and reporting features allowing them to understand what is happening in the varied teams.

Salesforce and training
With a solid training support, the user will be able to understand the functioning of the CRM as they get answers to the questions. There are online videos, manuals and walkthroughs available to get to know the functions of the CRM better.

Salesforce and Application Integration
Salesforce is integrated with systems to expand its functionality through the app store called AppExchange.


The success of Salesforce is its focus on Supports and Subscriptions than Professional Services. Gartner reports reveal that 94% of the revenue of Salesforce is generated through Supports and Subscriptions and only 6% from Professional Services. The long-term vision of the company and the ability to execute has given it the top place among the CRM marketplace. The company has maintained the top position in the CRM software market for the 4th consecutive year.

So, choose Salesforce for a Kickass CRM.

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