Walk into a spa and you will be overwhelmed by their menu. You would have never though there will be so many types of massages. After a massage is a massage, it is aimed at giving you relaxation by promoting blood circulation in the body, so why so many varieties. Your answers lie in the article below. Massage centre in Chennai is growing in popularity due to the high-stress jobs and fat pay packets. Spas offer different types of massages depending on the requirement and body type of the client. Ask the coach of healthfitnessmag.com on how various massages can help keep your body and mind fit.

There are different types of stress relief and relaxation massages. They truly come with immense health benefit. The service menus offer a lot of massage options. You will be surprised there are more than 200 massage techniques and each client is treated based on their needs and benefits they want to reap. Some of the types of massages are listed below for your knowledge and understanding.

Go the Swedish way
Massage is all about the right movements; Swedish massage is a combination of basic movements. Here during the start and end of the massage, long and sweeping strokes are given. The muscles are rolled and kneaded as you do with dough to give you relaxation. At certain pressure points, thumb, knuckles and finger pressure is applied. Then comes rhythmic tapping in a movement similar to pounding and chopping is made in a fast percussion motion.

Hot Stone Massage
The body is weighed down using hot smooth stones. The stones are used to massage your body. It is caressed like a roller ball. It is meant for relaxation but at the same time, it is invigorating when compared to other types of massages. The stones are arranged on the back in a regular fashion helping you ease from tension in your shoulder and back region. It is primarily done to make the muscles work more effectively.

Chair Massage
It can be done at any place, at your workplace or even a mall. All you need is a massage chair with your face towards the head rest and the therapist starts the magic by massaging your arm, neck, shoulder and the back. You can do it with your clothes on.

Deep Tissue massage
Here deep pressure is applied to specific locations giving you a feel of being pushed into knotted muscles. It could leave you in pain for some time but is considered to be a methodical treatment.

Trigger Point massage
Specific areas of the body are focused instead of massaging the whole body. The masseurs locate certain problem muscles and treat them using deep pressure.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu means finger pressure. It is an ancient Japanese technique where finger pressure is used on pressure points. It helps to fix the imbalances in the body.

Thai Massage
It is a holistic body massage. It is the most inspiring of the massages and is mostly like yoga where the body is stretched. The therapist uses their complete body, hands, knees, legs, feet to apply pressure on the body and relax the muscles and loosen the joints.

Whichever type of massage you opt for ensuring you choose a reputed spa center with trained and certified masseurs and therapists.

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