There may be several hours in a day, but using the majority of time in right way is critical.Business planning & strategy is important especially when it comes to productivity. Productivity can be improved by adding more effort and working in smarter way. Some people work for long hours but does not see any improvement in productivity. It is because they do not plan and organize in a smart manner. It is not possible to become productive in quick time. It requires being more organized and how you manage time.
Select the right equipment: By using right equipment, you can improve your business performances and reduce possibilities of expensive errors. If you are purchasing any equipment, you need to be aware of the present and future requirements of your business. Ensure to question yourself:
· Is it possible to rent the same equipment? If so, what would be the cost?
· Is this going to be a long time investment?
· Can the replacing equipment be used in other areas of the company?
· What is the status of the present equipment, functional or non-functional?
· What are the new features of the modern equipment you are purchasing?
In this post, we are going to discuss few business planning & strategies that help in increasing productivity in best possible way.

#1 Improve business operations by using technology:
Web-based technologies help you to enhance the way you function your business. If you are a person who is looking to prevent customer service issues, pursue greater efficiency or cost reduction or increase market share, then the present advanced technology helps in a great way. It is recommended to make use of product management tools ranging from business-specific software solutions to spreadsheets and custom developed applications.
Some of the best examples include:
· Online purchasing is the best option to procure materials from the suppliers. E-purchasing technology helps to purchase products at a reasonable price without directly visiting the seller. Moreover, it helps to eliminate paperwork in a substantial way. The transaction processing cost has become affordable in recent years.
· Another best example is smart inventory control software. This technology helps to improve customer response time, improve profit and reduce inventory levels. The inventory information is integrated with order management tools via online and the entire company’s e-business, accounting systems, and purchasing orders can be tracked easily.
When you keep updated with latest technology developments, you can focus on important tasks and improve productivity.

#2 Quit multitasking:
Multitasking is an important skill required for business but it has certain flaws too. In a recent study, psychologists have analyzed that multitasking can result in loss of productivity and time. When you remain committed to a single task, you can focus and perform the task in best manner. People attempting to perform several things at a time find hard to focus on a single task and end up performing poor quality work.

#3 Continuous improvement approach:
Improving productivity is the continuous task. It needs to checked and analyzed from time to time. Therefore, it is important to execute a constant improvement plan.
· Know your competitors and their practices in industry. It does not mean copying their business strategies. You need to develop practices that are suitable for your business.
· Get help from external consultants to evaluate your business’s strengths and weaknesses. It gives a clear idea of where to start and how to execute a plan.
· Perform one step a time instead of doing everything at once. It is suggested to concentrate on main points to see faster results.
· Assign teams for each problem or process that requires redesign.
· If you are hiring an external company to analyze, they should measure the results on weekly or monthly basis.

#4 Turn off notifications:
It is the latest business planning & strategy used for better productivity. No one would wish to turn off email, text or phone notification. It is best to turn off especially during working hours and install built-in applications to check messages and email.

#5 Take interval after 90-minute work:
A recent research has found that people who take breaks or interval are productive than people who don’t take any break. It actually gives you a sense of relaxation and refreshment.
Hope you find these suggestions useful. Apart from this, you can also sit back, think twice or thrice about your business situation and start to work smarter as well as harder.

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