It is now time for a living that comprises automated energy management system with enhanced lighting schemes and energy efficient smart appliances. In the contemporary era, home automation and lighting go hand in hand to craft a holistic atmosphere within the home.

An automated home environment can be controlled with a single command through a single wall panel and a single application. With the click of a button from the Smartphone, the lights dim and you can relax as your favourite music surrounds. Lighting automation are the vital elements of home safety system along with security cameras, alarms and motion sensors to make your home safe and secure irrespective of your presence or absence.

An energy efficient home also reduces the monthly utility bills considerably and saves a lot of money and resources in the long run. Home automation system, therefore, has put an end to the traditional flipping off light switches. With immense advancements in the lighting automation technology, the key to a bright future is growing by the day. Please check the link below for fruther

Lighting systems have varied functions in our day to day lives. Lights can change our moods, enhance the safety and security of the home environment, provides energy efficiency and protects the general wellbeing. With the advent of unsurpassed technology, lighting systems have become a fundamental part of home automation technology. With the click of a button, the lights in the kitchen can be switched off, the lights in the living room can be brightened and the lights in the guest room can be dimmed instantly. Home automation and lighting systems contribute significantly to lifestyle enhancement.

Lighting systems can now be controlled and customized according to individual requirements within the home. Lights can be monitored and managed to craft a comfortable as well as an energy efficient environment. Home automation technology features lighting systems that have become an integral lifestyle partners. The lighting systems are progressive in their schema. The entire lighting fixtures of the home are brought under one console and programmed according to the lighting requirements of different rooms.

Lighting for a purpose
The lighting system can be modified based on a particular mood or a task with the help of an application present in the smartphone. On clicking the cooking mode, the lights in the kitchen brighten and on clicking the outdoor premises option the courtyard lights get illuminated. Programming the coming home option allows the automatic switching on of lights in the portico and living room. In the case of a delay, while reaching home, the time difference can be extended in the coming home mode. On programming the night mode, the lights in the kids’ room slowly dim as the children fall asleep.

Clicking on the vacation mode turns the lights on and off at random intervals to indicate activity within the home. The panic mode option allows the lighting systems to flash on and off frequently. All these different zones within the home can be controlled with a single click without any effort and in no time. Programming of the lighting system is a viable option for energy efficiency. With the availability of voice-enabled application, lighting automation just requires a voice command to control and regulate the functioning of lights within the home.

Though lighting automation seems to be a part of state-of-the-art technology, it actually involves an easy setup and a user-friendly interface. Lighting automation can be setup into a single zone system within four to five hours to companies that provide home automation company in chennai. The central unit that controls the individual lighting has the ability to communicate through wireless signals. The bulbs and switches can now understand your commands and work according to the demands.

The colours and intensity of the light can thus be customized. Several low-cost lighting automation technologies are now available in the market to suit a restricted budget. Certainly do it yourself starter kit is also available to enable automated lighting system for a smaller zone within the home. The starter kit comprises of a wireless hub and three LED bulbs. The hub can be plug into the router in order to respond to wireless signals.

system1As the hub and bulbs are setups, the Smartphone features an easy control to operate. As the router is connected to an internet system, the lighting system can be operated virtually from anywhere with any device. Additional bulbs can be set up based on the requirements.

The hues of the lights can be adjusted to enhance the mood and wellbeing. Seasonal affective disorder commonly known as SAD arises due to depression contributed by low illumination and low energy. As lights are associated with optimism, positive vibes, and cheer, a poor illumination within the home could result in poor health. Exposure to lights that are bright as well as resemble natural lighting is a right therapy for the seasonal affective disorder. The lighting systems offer warm white and cool light hues based on the natural pace of daylight.

Lighting automation can be setup into a single zone system within four to five hours to companies that provide home automation company in chennai.

Certain lighting systems feature bulbs that focus on enhanced performance and alertness. The lighting automation adjusts the levels of light automatically based on the sleeping routine. With the advent of multi-coloured LED bulbs and lighting technologies, the brightening, and dimming of lights is made possible in sync with body’s biological cycle.  you will find more information on

LED lights have now become the focal point of light automation system owing to its energy efficiency and dynamic features. The LED lights offer superior lighting and operate well lighting automation technology. These compact LED lights overlay an exciting future in the lighting automation arena.

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