app-cloud-experience-a-new-way-to-build-apps-1-638Communication is the most important thing required in every business. In today’s world, people have become more assertive about what service they should get. No one backs off from giving feedbacks or asking a company to do something innovative with their products and services. However, it is not possible to directly go and interact with the top management of a company. There are hierarchies and a particular procedure to be followed for doing so. There is a concept known as customer relation management, which takes in everything related to a customer’s experience with your products and services. We live in a technological era, hence everything demands faster communication.

These days, companies are going for versatile software solutions to handle their relation with the customers. One such an incredibly popular software solution is the Salesforce CRM application. Working on the platform of, this top notch software helps manage all the phone calls, emails, etc from customers. Customers try to reach a service provider through social media, emails, phone calls, public campaigns and through many other platforms. Managing all of this is not as easy as it seems. A completely dedicated workforce working religiously for maintaining this data is extremely necessary. Segregation of data helps in easy reference for a company’s growth project. People can go for salesforce certification training in Chennai, to practice this excellent medium for maintaining healthy customer relations.

The sales, marketing as well as the support process involves customer participation. For maintaining that relationship, to get adequate participation from customers standard objects are needed. One such standard is the Sales cloud that is based on account, lead, opportunity objects and contacts. Sales cloud allows its users to further add many fields as per their requirement. For instance, the lead can further be divided into account, contact and opportunity objects. Similarly, opportunities can have grades of different stages and probabilities.

It is a unique feature offered by Sales cloud. Custom fields have made working with Salesforce application easier. Second is the service cloud which includes a problem as well as its solution. A service executive will use the customer inquiries to create different cases. Later on, its solution can be added to the corresponding solution object. More detailing can be done in it, such as setting up a standard function to create a case for every customer inquiry. It can be done quite easily. The process can be referred as an email to a case.

Marketing cloud is a marketing application that helps in creating and executing any promotional or marketing campaign. There are many fields related to marketing email marketing, banner ads and social media marketing. Every such thing related to marketing can be easily dealt with the help of marketing cloud. More flexibility is added to the Salesforce application by custom cloud. All the customization facilities aspired by a CRM user can be fulfilled with the help of custom cloud. Immense customization options along with the ease of use are the best features of salesforce. Visual force pages, business logic and associated apex can have classes for them.

All CRM software must have the inbuilt feature of generating reports. Reports must have all the necessary data that can be referred to in the important times. It is quite essential for the growth of the company. The feature is called as reports and dashboards in Salesforce software. This feature enables effective analytics. There are many numbers of standard reports, graphs and tabulation features. They help in easy accessing of sales data. This makes locating the reports much easier. Salesforce also has an automation feature that helps in managing emails, tracking leads, approvals, assigning tasks, etc.

cloud-caution-300x300 (1)The CRM is responsible for handling the required processes for service, marketing and sales. A simple question can come to your mind as, why and who to use Salesforce CRM. The answer is quite simple, it has got a multidimensional approach for handling CRM and it must be used by everyone. There is no one in the business who will not be benefited by its use. Holistic management helps in building good relations with the customers. It will bring more customer loyalty to your company. The most interesting part about Salesforce CRM is, it covers all the parts of customer relationship management. Be it marketing or service, anything you want with your customer relation will be done by Salesforce CRM. An organization can select the features they find important. There is nothing mandatory with Salesforce CRM. Users are free to customize and enjoy the software.

There are different editions available. The company can choose as per its requirement. Different editions have different prices. Start using salesforce for your company’s development today only. It is amazing to see how this single software can help you leaps and bounds. There is no need to waste any money behind software development or hardware infrastructure.

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