About Me

Hi, all… I am James Schloer. I am a cloud consultant/professional Sales Force Trainer working at Cloud Solutions ,Chennai. I take my work very seriously, and it is the prime reason for my career success in a very short time. I have got hands on experience on Visual Force Pages, Salesforce Configurations Test Classes and Force.com Sites. I am an active member in most of the Salesforce groups that help me to update my knowledge in this field in an efficient manner. My ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time acts as an added advantage for my career development. I always look out for opportunities to develop my career. Thank you for reading my work patiently and have a wonderful day.

 Have A Steady Start For Your Career Based On Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an ever-growing field that allows a person to build a strong and secured future in IT. If practiced properly with interest the cloud computing techniques will not be a very tough nut to crack. It will be advisable to start the career with a multinational company as they will provide very good exposure to the employee. Since most of the IT professionals will have the basic knowledge that is required in order to learn this cloud computing, it will not be difficult for them to master this particular concept soon. In order to become a strong IT professional especially a specialist in cloud computing the following areas has to be learnt thoroughly.


The list includes the storage networking, system administration, master data management, business it alignment, virtual switching, information security, software as a service management, data integrity, data analytics, various cloud platforms and data warehousing. In fact, the companies are very much interested in hiring a candidate who has some knowledge in this field as it is the future. Since I have a good knowledge in this area, it was not very difficult for me to impress my interviewers.

Kick Start A Cloud Based Company

Cloud computing companies have very good future in the market, so if a person wants to have a bright future in the IT field, it will be advisable to start a company based on cloud computing. But before starting a company it is essential to have a good knowledge and practice in this field so that there are no complications after the company is started. It is essential to choose the right cloud career path to succeed within the limited time. Though the company might develop slowly in the beginning as the time passes the work will get better and better due to the rising demand in the market.


It is necessary to understand the business requirements in detail and handle them in a proper manner. There are many types of clouds in the market like private cloud and public cloud each one of it should be handled efficiently in order to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future. Once the company is started, it is necessary to hold regular meetings in order to discuss in detail about the various aspects in the business as it will help to rectify the mistakes and help in the growth of the business. I state this out of my experience.

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